Meet some of our artists and makers

Jenny Kitchener:

Jenny Kitchener is more than just a passionate practising printmaker. She is also an ardent

observer of nature and collector of insects and spiders. From an early age she was captivated by

the drawn line and Mr Squiggle was an early influence on her work.

Pattern, repetition and rhythm play a part in nature and also feature in Jenny’s prints. She has been seduced by the humble linocut which has become an ideal matrix from which a multitude of insects, birds, flowers, leaves, mirrors, scissors and other ephemera emerge.

Jenny has exhibited widely throughout Australia and has held eleven solo shows. She has artwork in collections across Australia and overseas, including The National Gallery of Australia, the State Library of Queensland and The London Print Workshop. In 2008 she was a commissioned artist for The Print Council of Australia and in 2011 she was artist in residence at the prestigious Australian Print Workshop. More recently in 2016 she secured a residency with Inkmasters in Cairns. She is represented by Port Jackson Press Print Gallery in Melbourne.

Busy bees, beautiful butterflies, beetles and wasps inhabit her recent prints as she highlights the problems inherent in the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the plight of the pollinators.

Beautiful birds have now joined with the insects in her prints, highlighting the essential part they play in plant reproduction and to the ongoing biodiversity of our planet.

Victoria Pitel:

Victoria's work is centred on the relationship between ceramics, biography and human ontology, a combination of narrative and form, synthesising hand building techniques with human ontology in a way that challenges the boundaries of each.


Victoria is preoccupied with the self in the world and what it means to inhabit the human form; a site from which thought takes place and through which inner states are projected. Constructing the human form in clay allows for an exploration of presence and the examination of self; where boundaries of the psychological and physiological become indistinct and where language rooted in intuition.

These concepts underpin her work and the way in which creative processes may give expression to ideas. Research and inspiration of how one’s sense of self may be carried in the physical; a visual representation of internal worlds, include painter Odd Nurdrum and sculptors Rathbone Kelly Garrett, Christie Brown, Melisa Cadell and Cristina Cordova.

Completing a BA (Art) degree through OUA at Curtin University of Technology (2009) Victoria was drawn to return to ceramics and face-to-face tuition. This lead to the completion of an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts (Ceramics) at North Coast Institute Tafe Lismore (2015). During this period (2011) she was introduced to figurative ceramics by lecturer and ceramist Ruth Park. Inspired by the spectrum and dialogues, and the way in which she is able to contribute, lit a passion and therefore a focus in developing her art practice in the field of figurative ceramics.