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Susie Marcroft

Susie's practice investigates the affective, transformational possibilities of an art object. An embodied process and a shared perceptual language with what she terms the Life-field, give rise to her figurative, metaphoric merges that blur the perceived boundaries between human and non-human, flesh and clay. They simultaneously attract and repel, evoking an 'empathetic unease' around the complexities and contradictions that perplex our relationships with others—both human and non-human.


Author (sold)

I never asked to be a hero rat (sold)

(left): Inside these structures (sold)

(right): Deterring undesirable activities(sold)

(left): For a young man in this day and age (sold)

(right): For some there is nothing to explain(sold)

There was nothing I could do(sold...

Our Ladies of Fairy Mount series: Anthia

Our Ladies of Fairy Mount: Rosschild I (sold)

Our Ladies of Fairy Mount: Rosschild II (sold)

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