Clay, encaustic, acrylic paint, found feathers

28w x 25h x 8d (cm)

You only need know (2019)

  • The encaustic (bees wax and damar varnish) surfacing in this work can withstand a temperature range of 1.5 – 48 degrees celsius without cracking (in extreme cold) or melting (in heat).

    During shipping or transport it needs to travel in a climate-controlled vehicle or in the car with you—if you can withstand the temperatures, so will the work. As with any fine art piece, avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

    As the encaustic continues to harden, which can occur over months, residue in the wax rises and can dull the surface. The work can be gently rebuffed at any time with a lint-free cloth (an old sheet or pillow case is ideal).

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